For the amateurs of adrenalin and strong sensations, a new activity arrives to Port Leucate, a Giant Tyrolean!

Solidly harnessed you will launch yourself from our tower of 22 metres high! Ready for the great shiver?



A tyrolean between Port Leucate and Barcarès

Our new attraction: a tyrolean of 300 metres long, which leaves from our new tower of activities and arrives into the pine forest. Down from this new multiplatform activity which welcomes you into its midst a panoramic restaurant, you will take advantage of a view breathtaking, on one side the sea, on the other one a pond with a fantastic view over the Canigou…

Installed in your harness you will launch yourself into a vertiginous flying and come close to the top of the trees. Throughout your descent you will have a panoramic view, suspended from your harness, guaranteed sensations you fly in complete safety from more than 22 metres high!

With the new sensations felt during this experience, you will have the possibility of saying proudly that you made the giant tyrolean of Leucate Aventures!

Prices of giant tyrolean: 10€ from 8 years.